Welcome to Nizamiye School Mayfair

Nizamiye School Mayfair is an independent primary school and high school for girls in Mayfair/Johannesburg and offers both academic and Islamic education from Grade RR (4-year-olds) up to Grade 12.

Emphasizing the importance of passion, compassion and dedication – the essential characteristics of a teacher – and relying on the bestowals and blessings of the Almighty by putting our absolute trust in His grace, we believe that we can achieve the highest levels of success and offer quality education to all our learners.

Nizamiye School Mayfair is a happy and caring community whose small size gives learners both security and a sense of their own significance. We encourage lively, independent minds, personal confidence and concern for others. Academic attainment, supportive moral care and a variety of activities combine to offer an excellent education.

In harmony with parents, we actively encourage an atmosphere of care and support that allows each child to reach their full academic potential. We aim for outstanding spiritual, moral, social and cultural development by emphasizing these aspects of our work and the family-like ethos of the school.

This web site will give you a brief snapshot of life at Nizamiye Mayfair. To appreciate it fully you should pay us a visit. We will be happy to see you…